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Mardi Gras is high on many people's bucket list, and Lake Charles is one of my favorite places to enjoy the festivities. With all the free activities in Lake Charles and a wide selection of free attractions and activities, Lake Charlie is the perfect vacation spot for your family. If you plan to visit Lake Charles in the near future, there is plenty to do and enjoy for the whole family. From free events and activities to great food and entertainment and a variety of things to choose from, Lake Charles has always been a place where I have enjoyed Louisiana culture and history for many years.

Even if you don't, this tour will show you so much about Charles Lake and expose you to other things you can do in the city. I also think that taking your pets to an animal-friendly park makes this one of the best places for a family holiday. If you're looking for some things to do during a weekend in Louisiana, make this part of your itinerary. Although you only have enough time to take a short tour of Lake Charles, LA, I am sure you will be thrilled by all the places you can visit during your visit.

I have been a guest of Lake Charles Tourism several times and have participated in the Travel Media Showcase events in Lake Charles. I have been thanked for supporting my visit to facilitate this article and will check out the cheapest restaurants in the New Orleans Guide before heading to Lake Louis and New York City for my next trip to the city.

Those who love white sand beaches will love North Beach (also known as 10 Beach), and spending time with their love here is also one of the most romantic things to do in Lake Charles. Walking through Creole National Park just after sunset or before sunrise is also something to consider. If you're looking for a fun and romantic thing to do at Lake Charles, a nice date with music at Morganfield Park is a good option.

If you're also wondering what to do in Lake Charles, LA, here are seven great suggestions to help you get started. Besides the things you do during the day, there are also some fun things you can do at night, and if you've been in the city for two days, you'll learn what's coming and which of the coolest places to visit. How much there is to see and experience in the great outdoors and how much of it is the best place to visit such things is up to you.

Lake Charles has put together a great 48-hour tour to explore the area while showing you how to do the same. From Lafayette to Baton Rouge, the journey from Lake Charles to New Orleans takes just 3 hours and 7 minutes, and Interstate 10 connects the city with Houston to the west and New York City to the east. If you want to know how to make a road trip, read our article about the trip from Austin to New Orleans and skip the parts we did between Charles and Los Angeles or between Charles and San Antonio, Texas. Last year, I was a guest at Visit Lake the Charles for a few days as part of our series "Road Trip to LA."

Lake Charles is also home to McNeese State University and serves as home to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and the Louisiana Institute of Natural Sciences. Other studios and cultural activities include the Lake Charles Jazz and Heritage Festival, the annual Louisiana Jazz & Heritage Fest and other events. We started in Lake Charles and neighboring Sulphur and had to behave as we waded through the marshland to observe waterfowl and alligators. Our driver took us to a hill where the alligator blended seamlessly into the landscape.

The beer tour is certainly unique and should be on your list of activities in Lake Charles if you love beer. They also have guided tours where visitors can see Louisiana in its wilderness while traveling through the tranquil bay of Lake Charles. If you have any doubt that I love rum, Bayou Rum is one of the best places to take a rum tour throughout the state of Louisiana, if not the country.

Lake Charles and the surrounding area have a decent number of casinos and if you are looking for a casino in Lake Charles, this is a must. The best casinos on Lake Charles include the Grand Casino, the Alamo Casino and a few others in the area. If you stay two nights and like to gamble, then LakeCharles Casino is for you.

Little Lake Charles RV Park is a good family destination if you are looking for a short-term stay at one of the best campsites on this list. This property offers a peaceful atmosphere and a lively community whether you are looking for an overnight stay or a two-night stay at a campsite or RV park. All of these are worthy accommodations and all are worthy of a stay.

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More About Lake Charles