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There are many annual events you can tick off in your calendar, but this is a big one: Get ready to head to picturesque downtown Lake Charles for the annual Cal Ca Chew Food Festival and Calcacieu Festival. Named after the parish where Charles is located on the lake, Cal cacieux Parish, it is September and there are many good gastronomic offers.

Not only the competitions that can be experienced at the festival, but also the skeet competition should not be missed. Amateur and professional teams compete in a variety of events including shooting, shooting range, archery and more, as well as live music.

This includes the Krewe of Krewes Parade, in which ornate floats meander through Lake Charles. The grand parade honoring the Krewees of southwest Louisiana parades through the city, distributing sweets, food, beer, wine, beverages and other treats to 300,000 people.

Hundreds of floats from various local clubs start at 5 p.m., and groups from the surrounding area parade through the city in their floats, dancing to the music of the Krewe of John the Baptist.

Start by visiting the downtown art galleries and boutiques, rent a bike and walk through downtown and Lake Charles in Midtown, or explore the educational exhibitions at Adventure Point and follow the trails to discover fishing, shellfish and wildlife watching, or book a kayak or airboat tour. Walk along the boudin, stroll along the Charles Lake Promenade, explore the art galleries, boutiques and shops of the city centre. In one of the most popular parades in the country, furry, fabulous and costumed pets parade through the city competing for the title of Mystic Dog.

Visit the DeQuincy Railway Museum, which houses a 19th-century railway depot, and learn more about sulphur mining in the region at the Brimstone Museum.

The Louisiana Railroad Days Festival honors historic events and celebrates the gifts small towns receive via rail. This two-week festival is upon us, with live music, food trucks, crafts and more. The three-day festival offers a wide range of activities for children and adults, as well as a variety of food and drinks for all ages and backgrounds! This year's program includes events for all ages and backgrounds, including a carnival, children's activities, live entertainment, an arts and crafts market, an art exhibition and much more!

From muskrat and alligator to boudin and jambalaya, the swampland festival promises plenty of excitement for all ages. There's plenty of fun throughout southwest Louisiana during Mardi Gras, but Lake Charles is home to one of the most exciting events in the entire state of Louisiana. Read on to see the top events of LakeCharles so you won't miss out on your stay!

On a day dedicated to the little ones, this Mardi Gras festival brings together culture, music and education. This family-friendly event caters for all ages and offers a variety of activities, from live music to a carnival with live entertainment, food trucks and more. Enjoy a fun day with family and friends, with games, fun and entertainment.

This celebration celebrates the fascinating people who have made a difference in the development and perseverance of African people. This festival takes a look at well-known Cajun musicians and their contributions to the continuation of this tradition. Lake Charles is home to one of the most diverse and vibrant cultures in Louisiana, and this is reflected in dozens of festivals that take place throughout the year.

Children's Day is a tradition of the Charles Grass March, which encourages children from the region to dive into the spirits. The town also hosts its annual Children's Festival, a festival of children's activities and activities for children.

Every year, the festival offers award-winning food from local restaurants, live music, handicrafts and activities for children. The Fall Festival is the annual celebration of the fall season in Lake Charles, Louisiana, with a variety of food and entertainment.

The Contraband Days, which was awarded the Louisiana Association of Fairs Festival of the Year in 2005, is the state's only pirate festival. The city celebrates African-American culture with the Black Heritage Festival in March. It also celebrates the 150th birthday of Martin Luther King Jr., the day America's last slaves gained their freedom when news of the end of the Civil War reached far south Texas. Today, Mardi Gras in southwest Louisiana is an annual celebration of the Carnival in Lake Charles, Louisiana, with a variety of food, entertainment and entertainment.

The festival invites you to shake off the earwigs of the live music of national artists and satisfy your palate with hearty Cajun cuisine. Cook crayfish, Po - Boy Sandwiches at Darrell's, try other typical dishes and try some of the best Cajiun treats available, including jambalaya, gumbo and crackling. Steamboat Bill's is on the lake, so if you fancy hot dogs, hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken wings or hot dogs, you'll land in the heart of Lake Charles, Louisiana. Enjoy energetic, energetic Caja sounds, live entertainment and a variety of food and drinks.

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