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As the world debates politics in an election year marked by social unrest and global pandemics, Lake Charles and the McNeese State are suffering the effects of Hurricane Laura, which swept through the region in less than 24 hours last week. Laura's eye is drawn across Lake Charles in Louisiana as she wanders through a wide swath on her way into the Gulf of Mexico. A hotel room in Lake Charles is exposed to all elements after it was torn apart by Hurricane Laura in Lake Charles Louisiana on the morning of September 14, 2012.

A brand new basketball and volleyball arena has been damaged after 70% of the roof membrane blew up and flew away. A hurricane ripped a hole in the wall of a hotel room in Lake Charles, Louisiana, housing the McNeese State University basketball team and the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

The amenities are plentiful and include a variety of sports facilities, restaurants, bars, hotels and other amenities. The facilities include basketball, volleyball, football, baseball, football, golf, tennis, swimming, hiking trails and much more. Facilities include tennis courts, basketball and volleyball arenas, a basketball court, an indoor swimming pool and a tennis court.

For a complete list of offers, please visit the website or subscribe to the Lake Charles Louisiana Sports Club e-mail newsletter for more information. Daily rates are available, as are hotel rooms, which are also available for $1,000 per day or $2,500 per week for two days.

The Lambright Sports and Wellness Center is technically part of Louisiana Tech University, but don't let that stop you. Although the facilities are open to the public for a small fee, it is considered a private facility for students, alumni and members of the Ruston community interested in learning the game.

The mission of the Chappapeela Sports Park is simple: to offer the best leisure facilities and programs, while offering an exceptional family environment. The complex has a multipurpose field, concession stands, basketball court, volleyball court, tennis court and football field. It is a sports facility that is to be built, acquired, built, improved, expanded and maintained for the benefit of all citizens.

You will also find all the equipment you could wish for, as well as what you need to set up a paintball arena. All the coaches and former athletes who have asked what they can do to help us are great.

We are pleased that the Visit Lake Charles team has worked diligently to secure such a significant part of the sports business and look forward to seeing the Games begin in the summer of 2020, "said LakeCharles Mayor Nic Hunter. Eric Zartler, VLC's sales director, said: "We could not have started this business in the Lake District without the support and support of our local community. We invite team members, family, friends and the community to enjoy the attractions, food, culture and beautiful nature that Southwest Louisiana has to offer. The community has treated us as a family over the years, not only in our city, but in many other parts of Louisiana and across the country. "

The first national championship will be held in Lake Charles and will be held over a four-week period from June 30, 2019.

Teams expected from across the country include the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Louisiana State University, Mississippi State, Texas A & M and Texas Tech. The Louisiana Knights and Louisiana State are two of the best teams in the nation and the national champions of the last two years. McNeese's coaching staff is proud to support the community in developing the athletes who will be back in town from June 30 to July 1, 2019 to compete in this year's national championships in Lake Charles, La. College coaches and professional scouts from all over the country will also be in southwest Louisiana to see how these young men perform in front of their friends and family. This national championship will bring together the best athletes and coaches from across the United States and around the world.

After Laura struck, Gilroy returned to Lake Charles to help assess the damage and begin the recovery process. A professor even needed help shoveling mud out of his house, and Wilson was evacuated to Baton Rouge. Wilson has since returned from Lake Charles to retrieve his footballers, "tough guys," as he now laughingly calls them, who have ridden through the storm in a flat in the middle of the city.

Laura hit the Cameron area with a well-defined eye and then headed for Lake Calcasieu and Lake Charles. It was roaring through the area, bringing a lot of historic winds to the place, but not without its share of damage.

According to a CNN meteorologist, wind gusts of more than 120 km / h hit Lake Charles for more than an hour, the equivalent of an EF-2 tornado. McNeese athletes were evacuated, the last to leave on the evening of the storm. Fortunately, residents in the area had remained calm despite warnings of a deadly storm.

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