Red Lobster's Crabfest Is Back, and It's Crabbier Than Ever

Published 07-02-2019

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Crabfest is back at Red Lobster, and this year things are looking crabbier than ever. For a limited time only, diners can enjoy the largest variety of wild-caught crustacean including Bairdi (the larger, meatier of the two snow crab species), king and Dungeness crabs - many of which were caught in Alaska by boats shown on Discovery Channel's hit show "Deadliest Catch."

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The 2019 lineup features six new dishes including the Captains' Trio (inspired by the captains of "Deadliest Catch"), featuring wood-grilled sirloin topped with creamy crab imperial alongside crab and mushroom au gratin and seafood linguini Alfredo; and the Ultimate Crabfest Trio, featuring crab legs from all three varieties on one plate.

Other new limited-time menu options include cheesy crab-topped shrimp and salmon, seafood-stuffed scallop shells, another surf and turf plate and a creamy garlic-Parmesan crab dip appetizer. Wash it all down with new hand-crafted cocktails including Tito's Strawberry Lemonade or Tropical Treasure with Martell VSSD cognac, Malibu coconut rum, piña colada mix, pineapple juice and orange juice.

According to a Red Lobster spokesperson, all of the crab used in house is traceable, sustainable and responsibly sourced from "suppliers who understand the importance of maintaining healthy crab populations so there's crab to enjoy for generations to come." If you don't live near any of the chain's locations, that doesn't mean you have to miss out on some of the best flavors of summer. Sink your teeth into delectable blue crabs and lobster rolls galore at America's 35 best seafood shacks.

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