Barbe homecoming court to kids: We're not perfect, either

Published 09-15-2018

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LAKE CHARLES, La. (AP) - A Louisiana high school's homecoming court told fifth-graders at three schools about their own problems with weight, teeth, acne, body hair and other social troubles.

A senior who came to Lake Charles from Lebanon tells the younger students that in elementary school, she was shy, couldn't speak English and got bullied because of her heritage.

The American Press reports that Ilham Chloun (IL-hahm KLOON) is now leader of the senior section at Barbe High School football games. She says, "You have to make a voice for yourself."

Senior Julia Eccles says she once worried that her ears stuck out too much. She now adorns each with three or four hoops and studs.

Sponsor Deidra Fitzgerald says she came up with the idea to bring new meaning to the court.


Information from: American Press,

Information from: American Press,

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